Unity in Diversity

FPWC Established in 1913 ▪ St. Lucie County’s Oldest Civic Organization

Come and Join some of the Most Amazing Women in Your Community to support The Arts, Preserve Natural Resources, Advance Education, Promote Healthy Life-Styles, Encourage Civic Involvement, and Work Toward World Peace and Understanding. 

Be A Part of Our Values, Our Mission, Our Club.

We’ll Both Be Happy You Did.

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TC Juniorettes

Wishing You Well Wednesdays

Treasure Trunk Sale

Amazing Relationships

Everyday relationships are built and strengthened throughout the beautiful and diverse members of this club. Check out our calendar and stop in anytime!

We Stay Involved!

From here to there, you can find us anywhere!

Recognition & Honorable Mentions

By far, one of the most important parts of our mission is the recognition of an honorable woman, men, and dignitaries of all sorts. 

The {FUN} work never stops!

We are always looking for new friends and helping hands. Please contact us if you are interested in having fun.

What's Your Reason?

It is always a good time to volunteer and give back to your community! Might as well have a good time doing it.

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